2 Down, with No Deaths

The party drew further into the Eladrin Tomb, and noticed the tiles underfoot turned into Sandstone rather then the granite it was previously. A moment later, with a crunch underfoot, they realized that the ground was covered in egg shells, large, thick shells. After exploring and finding 75 gold in the attached corridors, the party walked carefully into the main amphitheater, and noticed a giant skeleton beneath their feet. Kneeling to the ground, Borgnine grabbed the skull of the body and threw it into one of the Braziers, causing the heat to decrease and the light to flicker, Seconds later, the doors opened and a Xvart walked through, holding a staff in hand. Gibbering in Fey, the party was unable to comminucate, and it wasnt until the Earthquake dragons entered the room that discourse was initiated. It didnt go well with constant miscommunications and social foibles being made, along with the discovery that the ooze that had died in the previous room was actually a trained guardian for the dragons young.

Mere seconds later, the Xvart drew his weaponry, and the dragons landed with a thud to engage the trespassers. After some combat, and alot of grunting, the battle was over with Borgnine on the floor, unable to regain consciousness due to the wounds he had suffered the past few fights. Arranging him carefully, the party rested, shortly after Vex fished the body of the Xvart out of the fire of a brazier.

Awakening fully rested and unwounded, the party set further into the complex, hoping to explore yet more, and find their missing ally. After a short search of a prison, the party moved into a vast underground cavern, filled in the center with the skull of a large dragon. With some muffled shouts in Fey, a large troll sent a shadowy dwarf forward to engage the party, with more dwarves appearing out of the shadows every few seconds, while the brood of spiderlings bred from the superior spider stock brought to the cavern with Vanaryn scattered and slowly filtered towards the party.

After a long, vicious combat, the party overcame the dwarves, with the troll the last to fall. Approaching vanaryn they discovered the change wrought in him. Now displaying blackish-purple skin, and white hair, Vanaryn appears as a different man entirely, no longer Eladrin nor any creature from record. Combing through the room, the party discovered troves of ancient treasure, a gigantic Sapphire worth 400 gp, an ancient golden wrought bow, useless for combat, but amazingly decorated and designed, a rare totem known as the Totem of Hungry Spirits. (Hungry Spirits Totem), as well as 150 gp scattered about in chests, not to mention the missing items from the dwarven outpost, and Vanaryn’s beloved Spiderling Broodmother.

Returning to the outpost, the dwarves greet you with barely concealed distrust. But with their soldier returning, and their items returned to them, not to mention the ale (minus a barrel Vex has hidden), the dwarves seem content enough to resume a working relationship with them, hiring the party on, and having the artificer be hired on as a guard-escort for when the dwarves feel the party requires the extra muscle.


Hi guys! Cimm/Vex.

Nice entry Ken.

That totem is the magical item you mentioned for Gordon correct?

And thank you, yes Vex would have kept one a secret.

So is Vanaryn drow now?

2 Down, with No Deaths

Awesome work, Ken. Love it.

2 Down, with No Deaths
dimonic stormblind

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