Day 1 - wolves at the gates

Our first day adventuring starts with just two character – Earan, the Durough E’na An (Enaan) psion/shaman hybrid and Warhawk, the Graf Druid. Two controllers – with a bit of leader thrown in. They are together for mutual security on the road to adventure, when as night falls, they approach a small tower in the wilderness. The wolves are howling threateningly as they approach the mysterious tower, and before they get there – they are attacked. In a close fight, the Gray Wolf and the Ravenous Wolf are dispatched, and they two characters gain admittance to the tower, where Teria, a ritual caster welcomes them into her sanctuary, and subsequently offers them a mission. Her companion, Kiris was the hereditary leader of a town a couple of days distant. That town was overrun by goblins, but in the town, she believes exists a powerful and dangerous relic – a Slaying Stone. She wishes the characters to find and return this artifact, so she can destroy it to prevent its power from falling into the wrong hands.

Earan and Warhawk depart the following day to scout the mission – and manage to make it the outskirts of the town after avoiding a kobold patrol and passing a damp night in an abandoned farmhouse part-way there. They cross the river upstream and sneak up close to the temple district and observe goblins drilling and training. They also notice a number of kobolds living in the lower part of the town. They withdraw to await reinforcements and to consider their options.


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