Day November 18th, 2010

Ooze the Boss

You awake with the sudden realization that the items that you had worked so hard to accrue the past while have disappeared. As you search, you also find that Vanaryn, your loved and trusted ally has disappeared with his pet goblin & pet spiderling.

A few moments later, a group of dwarves approaches, shouting curses and insults at everyone around.

Vanaryn has appearently disappered with all the weapons, armor, money, and most importantly: ALE in the outpost besides the 3 active guards, and the parties weaponry.

At the start, the group managed to efficiently find a path towards where vanaryn went, and ended up tracking him to an Eladrin Barrow. As they cautiously entered the barrow, they heard this… slopping, and splurching sound. Upon sight of the main hallway, they quickly discover why: A giant pool of organic matter sits at the center of the room, filled with slime.

As they attempt to circumnavigate the pool, a large yellow-green colored ooze rised from the pool, remnants of previous visitors held in suspension within its body. The group wasted much time in laying into it, severing over two-thirds of the oozes mass away from it within the first few moments. As they did however, noxious puddles formed on the battlefield, slowly being drawn towards each other.


dimonic stormblind

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