The Chamber of Eyes

Continuing through the chamber of Eyes, the party barely finish the sleeping guards when another group is heard approaching the next doorway. They quickly rush to the door, and a bloody assault commences. Some tough hobgoblins and a coupld of human soldiers battle away, and a pesky goblin archer is uncannily accurate as he pegs away at any target he can find. The druid, Luach has come prepared, however, and two bears appear who clog the corridor with their bulk, and not satisfied with this. he tops it off with a vicious panther and they commence in toe-to-toe action with the hobgoblins who are taken aback by the sudden reinforcements.

In relatively short order, most of the toughs are down, and Morgan moves into the side passage to deal with the goblin as more foes emerge from a nearby junction. More soldiers, archers and a goblin on a Wolf greet the party, and the melee evolves.

Luach is not out of options, as he summons a wolf to deal with the mounted goblin. They go out it, snarling and rolling as each trips the other in a battle of life and death. The Hobgoblin archers are backed up the stairs by Luach’s bears, but they bear the brunt of a Warcasters’ spells as he too backs up trying to give the archers room to return fire.

The fight is tough, but the tide soon turns as the archers fall under the bears, and the warcaster backs up and runs out of options.

Meanwhile, the surviving human soldier and the goblin sharpshooter are giving Morgan a hard time as he has blundered into a darkened room and they take full advantage of their superior vision. It is touch and go for a bit, but eventually, Luach sends the wolf into the fray, cutting off the goblin from his end-runs around the back of Morgan.

Soon the party is behind the Warcaster who is in full retreat. They catch him and question him. They also discover a lone prisoner in the shrine-hall. A kobold trapsmith, captured and apparently too useless for the last slave sale, he awaits in resignation. He pleads with the party to take him with them, and he shows them his scarred back (from the Warcaster’s “punishments”). They decide to summarily try the Warcaster for slavery – finding him guilty. The kobold is eager to display his skill with all things mechanical as he swiftly rigs up a noose and the Warcaster his kicking and swinging in short order.

The party explore the chamber in peace now, finding several items of loot before making their way onward. They agree to return one of the kobold’s gems to him (quietly pocketing the rest).


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