Morgan Metalhand

Warforged Cleric of Erathis


7 Years ago clerics of Erathis unearthed what they thought to be a golem in the burried ruins of an ancient town. While investigating they re-activated a strange metal being – Morgan Metalhand. Morgan has few eratic memories of the time before his deactivation and entomement, which at a guess was 3000 years ago. Finding himself in a strange world, but admired by the clerics of the god of civilication and technology, Morgan tried to determine what his purpose might have been, and be. Finding much to admire in a god of technology, and trying to fathom his own purpose, he became a cleric of Erathis. He sees himself as the strong right (metal) hand of Erathis. Evil and lawless threats to order and civilization can be beaten, and Morgan is happy to do so with his spiked metal battle-fist.

His companions have noted his eyes has a faint blue glow, changing to an intence white violet when channeling the powers of Erathis. Occasionally other colours like red or green, seemingly indicative of mood have been noted.

Morgan is a student of biological life, and a fair healer – he is courious as to what makes himself similar yet unique to the biological life that surrounds him. His uniqueness is both a source of pride and lonliness – obviously his design is much superior to living beings, yet he seems the only one of his kind. He knows he must have some special purpose, a reason for his unique existance – if only he could figure out what it is.

Morgan Metalhand

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