Sage Advice

In which the party takes up with the local Sage and goes exploring for an artifact.

The Horned Hold

The party, now confused by the moral dillemma of the legality of slaving, takes one of the captured duergar as a guide to the Horned Hold, where they are told the human slaves are held. They walk for an hour or so down dark subteranean passages, hearing nothing but the ever present drip of water, the sounds of their own footsteps strangely muffled and insignificant, and the weird howling of air soughing through the tunnels.

Their guide takes them down a turn from the onward leading main passage, in a narrow ledge that crawls along the wall of a deep crevasse, at the bottom of which a sulphurous trickle of almost frozen lava heaves and belches. After a hundred yards or so, the party comes to signs of habitation. Two narrow spans cross the crevasse, connecting a fortified bastion on the near side, to two others on the far side. On the near side, a portcullis is down over the doorwary into the first bastion, and a pair of what look like Orcs guards the entry.

The party approaches expecting to parlay, but the Orcs immediately level their crossbows and fire. Luach’s moves to the fore and attacks, and bears take a couple of hits as the melee ensues. There is a tough confrontation, but the party wears down the 5 defending Orcs quickly. Before they can capitalize on this, more defenders emerge – a Duergar spellcaster starts to really hinder the party with vicous blinding fumes and hails of brimstone. Several times the party’s spellcasters are downed or blinded before they can bring the situation under control.

Indeed, although they eventually succeed in driving the defenders out of the first bastion, they are compelled to retreat to a safe haven and recover before attempting to press on.

Grimmerzhul Trading Post

The adventurers decide to pursue the trail of the missing dale-captives that they now know have been sold into slavery. They continue along the labyrinth traderoute, which is now quieter and more subdued. Perhaps rumour of their recent deeds has spread before them?

Either way, they soon arrive at a crossroads, where runes are carved into the rock wall in front of them. No-one in the party can decipher them, but Krink tells them the mines are south (to the right). With nothing more to go on, the party heads south. Lo and behold, after a few hundred yards, they arrive at the Grimmerzhul Trading Post. A pair of squat, burly humanoids, both bald, with grey skin and a long red beards greets them. “Lookin for summat?” one says, cryptically.

The party are a little non-plussed, until someone asks “what do you have?”. The Duergar look around them and look back, saying nothing. The room has lots of supplies – crates, stacks of kindling, sacks of coal, barrels, hams and sausages, wheels of cheese, chains, locks, iron ingots. There is a large ledger on the counter, and a humanoid skull.

Then one of the Genasi asks “do you have slaves?” – to which the talkative Duergar replies “we might have”. “You buyin’ or sellin’?” he adds darkly. The party shifts uncomfortably until Morgan asks “Do you have any humans?” at which time the merchant again repeats “we might have”, and at a nod, his companion heads into a back room. The party is formulating an answer when the companion returns with 4 more almost identical duergar and they stand in line behind the counter. At this point, as the Duergar stare unfathomably at the party, Cuelth loses composure and his bears press forward to attack – causing significant damage in the initial melee.

The first two Duergar mvoe forwards and engage the dire bear, concentrating their attacks in disciplined formation. The two to the rear launch quills at the beast. The bear screams and roars in pain and anger, as a Duergar Theurge emerges from another back room and launches a searing cloud of vile poison into the midst of the party – blinding everyone and eliciting screams and curses.

The battle then ebbs to and fro, with the duergar pressing hard – the Theurge is having a lucky day – his attacks causing both damage and invonvenience as the party is forced to target blindly. However, after a brief but vicious melee the party are victorious as the remaining two guards surrender.

The prisoners are sullen as the party commences to “try” them. They stand on their rights as soon as they realize that the party are playing judge and jury. They point out that they came by their slaves quite legally – they produce the ledger which has descriptions of each slave, and a price paid for them. Their provenance – other than the sellers’ name – one “Drask” is not detailed.

The Chamber of Eyes

Continuing through the chamber of Eyes, the party barely finish the sleeping guards when another group is heard approaching the next doorway. They quickly rush to the door, and a bloody assault commences. Some tough hobgoblins and a coupld of human soldiers battle away, and a pesky goblin archer is uncannily accurate as he pegs away at any target he can find. The druid, Luach has come prepared, however, and two bears appear who clog the corridor with their bulk, and not satisfied with this. he tops it off with a vicious panther and they commence in toe-to-toe action with the hobgoblins who are taken aback by the sudden reinforcements.

In relatively short order, most of the toughs are down, and Morgan moves into the side passage to deal with the goblin as more foes emerge from a nearby junction. More soldiers, archers and a goblin on a Wolf greet the party, and the melee evolves.

Luach is not out of options, as he summons a wolf to deal with the mounted goblin. They go out it, snarling and rolling as each trips the other in a battle of life and death. The Hobgoblin archers are backed up the stairs by Luach’s bears, but they bear the brunt of a Warcasters’ spells as he too backs up trying to give the archers room to return fire.

The fight is tough, but the tide soon turns as the archers fall under the bears, and the warcaster backs up and runs out of options.

Meanwhile, the surviving human soldier and the goblin sharpshooter are giving Morgan a hard time as he has blundered into a darkened room and they take full advantage of their superior vision. It is touch and go for a bit, but eventually, Luach sends the wolf into the fray, cutting off the goblin from his end-runs around the back of Morgan.

Soon the party is behind the Warcaster who is in full retreat. They catch him and question him. They also discover a lone prisoner in the shrine-hall. A kobold trapsmith, captured and apparently too useless for the last slave sale, he awaits in resignation. He pleads with the party to take him with them, and he shows them his scarred back (from the Warcaster’s “punishments”). They decide to summarily try the Warcaster for slavery – finding him guilty. The kobold is eager to display his skill with all things mechanical as he swiftly rigs up a noose and the Warcaster his kicking and swinging in short order.

The party explore the chamber in peace now, finding several items of loot before making their way onward. They agree to return one of the kobold’s gems to him (quietly pocketing the rest).

2 Down, with No Deaths

The party drew further into the Eladrin Tomb, and noticed the tiles underfoot turned into Sandstone rather then the granite it was previously. A moment later, with a crunch underfoot, they realized that the ground was covered in egg shells, large, thick shells. After exploring and finding 75 gold in the attached corridors, the party walked carefully into the main amphitheater, and noticed a giant skeleton beneath their feet. Kneeling to the ground, Borgnine grabbed the skull of the body and threw it into one of the Braziers, causing the heat to decrease and the light to flicker, Seconds later, the doors opened and a Xvart walked through, holding a staff in hand. Gibbering in Fey, the party was unable to comminucate, and it wasnt until the Earthquake dragons entered the room that discourse was initiated. It didnt go well with constant miscommunications and social foibles being made, along with the discovery that the ooze that had died in the previous room was actually a trained guardian for the dragons young.

Mere seconds later, the Xvart drew his weaponry, and the dragons landed with a thud to engage the trespassers. After some combat, and alot of grunting, the battle was over with Borgnine on the floor, unable to regain consciousness due to the wounds he had suffered the past few fights. Arranging him carefully, the party rested, shortly after Vex fished the body of the Xvart out of the fire of a brazier.

Awakening fully rested and unwounded, the party set further into the complex, hoping to explore yet more, and find their missing ally. After a short search of a prison, the party moved into a vast underground cavern, filled in the center with the skull of a large dragon. With some muffled shouts in Fey, a large troll sent a shadowy dwarf forward to engage the party, with more dwarves appearing out of the shadows every few seconds, while the brood of spiderlings bred from the superior spider stock brought to the cavern with Vanaryn scattered and slowly filtered towards the party.

After a long, vicious combat, the party overcame the dwarves, with the troll the last to fall. Approaching vanaryn they discovered the change wrought in him. Now displaying blackish-purple skin, and white hair, Vanaryn appears as a different man entirely, no longer Eladrin nor any creature from record. Combing through the room, the party discovered troves of ancient treasure, a gigantic Sapphire worth 400 gp, an ancient golden wrought bow, useless for combat, but amazingly decorated and designed, a rare totem known as the Totem of Hungry Spirits. (Hungry Spirits Totem), as well as 150 gp scattered about in chests, not to mention the missing items from the dwarven outpost, and Vanaryn’s beloved Spiderling Broodmother.

Returning to the outpost, the dwarves greet you with barely concealed distrust. But with their soldier returning, and their items returned to them, not to mention the ale (minus a barrel Vex has hidden), the dwarves seem content enough to resume a working relationship with them, hiring the party on, and having the artificer be hired on as a guard-escort for when the dwarves feel the party requires the extra muscle.

Day November 18th, 2010
Ooze the Boss

You awake with the sudden realization that the items that you had worked so hard to accrue the past while have disappeared. As you search, you also find that Vanaryn, your loved and trusted ally has disappeared with his pet goblin & pet spiderling.

A few moments later, a group of dwarves approaches, shouting curses and insults at everyone around.

Vanaryn has appearently disappered with all the weapons, armor, money, and most importantly: ALE in the outpost besides the 3 active guards, and the parties weaponry.

At the start, the group managed to efficiently find a path towards where vanaryn went, and ended up tracking him to an Eladrin Barrow. As they cautiously entered the barrow, they heard this… slopping, and splurching sound. Upon sight of the main hallway, they quickly discover why: A giant pool of organic matter sits at the center of the room, filled with slime.

As they attempt to circumnavigate the pool, a large yellow-green colored ooze rised from the pool, remnants of previous visitors held in suspension within its body. The group wasted much time in laying into it, severing over two-thirds of the oozes mass away from it within the first few moments. As they did however, noxious puddles formed on the battlefield, slowly being drawn towards each other.

Day 1 - wolves at the gates

Our first day adventuring starts with just two character – Earan, the Durough E’na An (Enaan) psion/shaman hybrid and Warhawk, the Graf Druid. Two controllers – with a bit of leader thrown in. They are together for mutual security on the road to adventure, when as night falls, they approach a small tower in the wilderness. The wolves are howling threateningly as they approach the mysterious tower, and before they get there – they are attacked. In a close fight, the Gray Wolf and the Ravenous Wolf are dispatched, and they two characters gain admittance to the tower, where Teria, a ritual caster welcomes them into her sanctuary, and subsequently offers them a mission. Her companion, Kiris was the hereditary leader of a town a couple of days distant. That town was overrun by goblins, but in the town, she believes exists a powerful and dangerous relic – a Slaying Stone. She wishes the characters to find and return this artifact, so she can destroy it to prevent its power from falling into the wrong hands.

Earan and Warhawk depart the following day to scout the mission – and manage to make it the outskirts of the town after avoiding a kobold patrol and passing a damp night in an abandoned farmhouse part-way there. They cross the river upstream and sneak up close to the temple district and observe goblins drilling and training. They also notice a number of kobolds living in the lower part of the town. They withdraw to await reinforcements and to consider their options.

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