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Angadurgh accepts the strong – grudgingly.

Angadurgh is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition campaign world, the creation of Dominic Amann and his circle of friends and players.

The defining characteristic of Angadurgh is its moving climate regions which cause extreme climate change over any given area of the world over long periods of time. Only a few decadent cities remain of once powerful civilizations. Much of the remainder of the surface population has become nomadic, travelling across the continents in circuitous paths following their preferred climate zone.

Other planetary characteristics have given rise to certain adapted species and even a flying race – the Graf. Conditions have also favoured races that dwell underground, so Dwarves have a mighty and extensive civilization. For a partial list of PC races, see here.

Some classes are modified slightly – divine casters being most affected. “Book Learning” is mostly restricted to the cities.

Main Page

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